Board of Directors

Brad Hepworth, Treasurer

How did you get into Mountain Biking? I got into mountain biking in 1987, lived in Kamloops through the 90’s and raced XC. Technology has changed but the feeling is the same.

How did you get involved with UROC? I Moved to Crowsnest Pass in November ’18 and was impressed with the professionalism and condition of the trail system and wanted to be a part of this.

Favorite place/trail to ride? Favourite place to ride is tough, Crowsnest, Fernie, Kamloops, Utah haha pretty much anytime on the cycle is my favourite.

Favorite type of riding? Winter Fat Biking is pretty amazing, enduro riding, cross country and road touring are all things I enjoy.

Fun fact about yourself? I’m a photographer, proud Metis and a rock hound.

Andy Fadeeff, Director

How did you get into Mountain Biking? I was an early adopter in 1981 I bought a Tom Ritchy mountain bike, sweet triple chainring and canter lever brakes!

How did you get involved with UROC? I became involved with UROC because I thought it was the right thing to do.

Favorite place/trail to ride? My favorite trail is Chainsaw Massacre/ Double dirt especially when it has damp hero dirt

Favorite type of riding? My favorite type of riding is flowy single track.

Fun fact about yourself? I can grow facial hair.

Andrew Fairhurst, Past President

How did you get into Mountain Biking? Reading about Ned Overend, Hans Rey and Juli Furtado in Mountain bike magazines and then pondering a way to get myself a good mountain bike. I was lucky enough to have a 1977 Mercury Cougar given to me as a gift before I even had a driver’s license, I sold it for $700 and put it towards a GT Avalanche Mountain bike!

How did you get involved with UROC? Sitting in a basement with some friends and formulating a plan to put together the best mountain bike club in the province, 10 years later I’d say we’ve met that goal successfully!

Favorite place/trail to ride? Is there a better place than Crowsnest Pass, have you ridden Big Bear?!

Favorite type of riding? I’m a sucker for the climbs but love it all!

Fun fact about yourself? The best people I meet in life always own a mountain bike.

Duane Reimer, Director

How did you get into Mountain Biking? In 2010 I went on my first ride with Gary Carpenter on the Allison Ski Trails. It didn’t take me long to realize that the low end mountain bike I was riding needed to be replaced. Within a month I ordered a Marin from Gord Tuck’s Bike Shop in Coleman. At the age of 58, I was once again hooked on a new outdoor pursuit.

How did you get involved with UROC? That naturally led me to become a member of UROC.

Favorite place/trail to ride? I like being out in the wilderness of the York Creek trails.

Favorite type of riding? Flowy, single track riding.

Fun fact about yourself? All my life I’ve explored and ventured into the outdoors.

Karen Thomas, Secretary

How did you get into Mountain Biking? Living in Hinton, AB in the late ‘80’s I notice riding trails was a lot more fun than hiking them. I had a Kuwahara Shasta with only front suspension and couldn’t believe how much more fun it was when I bought my first full suspension bike.

How did you get involved with UROC? Living and riding in the Crowsnest Pass, I started joining the Ladies rides on Tuesday evenings. We have a great group of people in UROC.

Favorite place/trail to ride? I don’t really have a favourite. Some of my rides involve exploring animal trails that result in a bike ‘n hike.

Favorite type of riding? Anything but loose cobbles!

Fun fact about yourself? I’m retiring this year and will have no excuses not to be out riding.

John Redekopp, President

How did you get into Mountain Biking? Having a beer with my buddies in 1980 when mountain bikes were just coming of age. Rundle Riverside trail in Canmore was my first ride on a Maruishi rigid frame. I’ve been addicted since then.

How did you get involved with UROC? Wanted more trail so I got involved with UROC.

Favorite place/trail to ride? I’d have to kill you if I told you but Buck 50 is pretty fun.

Favorite type of riding? Any fast flowy scenic single track.

Fun fact about yourself? I’m really only 28 years old.

Karey Watanabe, Director

How did you get into Mountain Biking? I got into mountain biking for rehabilitation purposes after blowing out my ACL in my right knee. My surgeon said no more soccer, take up cycling or swimming. The rest is history.

How did you get involved with UROC? I met John Redekopp the current president, several years ago. He introduced me to the scene in the Crowsnest Pass, and I attended an AGM, met all the dedicated and awesome members and I was hooked.

Favorite place/trail to ride? Hands down, Big Bear, my kinda technical single track!

Favorite type of riding? Super technical, the kind where you have to be totally absorbed in the flow or you're going down!

Fun fact about yourself? I lived, taught English, raced and coached mountain biking in Japan for 23 years.

Jim Lucas, Past President

How did you get into Mountain Biking? We signed up our son for a mountain biking camp at Canada Olympic Park - next thing we were out west of Calgary exploring trails on our clunky 1990s bikes.

How did you get involved with UROC? I was interested in the 2010 IMBA Canada trail building workshop run at Pass Powderkeg. Shortly after I was riding with real mountain bikers. In October 2010, I joined the UROC Board.

Favorite place/trail to ride? Double Dirt-Chainsaw Massacre-Buck50 loop in either direction but I like finding new places to ride and explore on my bike.

Favorite type of riding? All-mountain but not too technical - I am hanging in but limited prospects for skill improvements.

Fun fact about yourself? In 1977-78 I drove my Subaru from Calgary to Ushuaia - return trip 56,000 km/9 months. Crossed the Andes (Atacama Desert) at 4,700 m, the Amazon and visited so many interesting places.

Brian Macfarlane, Director

How did you get into Mountain Biking? The simple pleasure of the bike has been with me all my life. As a boy, I always had a bike and often rode in parades with cards on my spokes and streamers on my handlebars. Great fun! When I was about 30 I went on an overnight trip with some friends on a rigid bike near Powderface Trail west of Bragg Creek. I remember we crossed a river seven times and slept out in the open near a campfire. We were frozen at nighttime but during the daytime, I thought being out exploring on a bike and riding into the wilderness was one of the best experiences a person could have. I’ve been hooked on bike riding ever since.

How did you get involved with UROC? I started riding and hanging out with friends and acquaintances I met on the trails. I got to know more about the sport, the racing part of it, and the work that goes into trail building so decided to join the club.

Favorite place/trail to ride? PPK and Bellevue. Great experiences on both sides of the valley.

Favorite type of riding? Epic trails, all day rides where you’re exploring new countryside and reaching high elevations. Love riding along ridges, climbing hills and exploring undefined areas.

Fun fact about yourself? Love classic cars and Grand Prix style racing.

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